E-WAter documents

08 Dece 2023 Simon Crittle Bangladeshi entrepreneurs create market for latrines PDF
09 Nov 2023 Dilek Melike Ulucay, Ferah Onat, Asuman Ozer Changing Attitudes Towards Water Consumption: Influencer Communication on Instagram PDF
08 Dec 2022 Keiichi Sone Efforts to Phosphorus Recovery by Separation Treatment System of Sewage Sludge PDF
28 Oct 2015 B. Djurin, J. Margeta, D. Bojanić The Impact of the Water Consumption Regime on the Work of Reservoirs PDF(1 MB)
05 Feb 2014 I. El-Gafy, N. Ramadan, D. Hassan Economic Irrigation Water Productivity Maps for Egyptian Governorates PDF(1,8MB)
13 Aug 2012 U. Neis, I. Banduch, K. Nickel Stimulation of aerobic and anaerobic biological processes by ultrasound PDF(1,2MB)
23 Apr 2012 P. Namour, P. Breil, Y. Clément, G. De Sousa, J.-P. Chanet, P. Lanteri The Water Framework Directive requires new tools for a better water quality monitoring PDF(0,3MB)
01 Dec 2011 D. Alves, H.M. do Monte, A.Albuquerque Water reuse projects - technical and economic sustainability PDF(0,2MB)
18 Apr 2011 O. A. Heino,T.S. Katko, A.J. Takala Challenges to Finnish water and waste water services in the next 20-30 years PDF(0,2MB)
05 Oct 2010 Henri Haimi, Michela Mulas, Riku Vahala Process automation in Wastewater Treatment Plants: the Finnish experience PDF(0,1MB)
18 May 2010 Pekka E. Pietilä, Tapio S. Katko, Osmo T. Seppälä Uniqueness of Water Services PDF(0,1MB)
13 Apr 2010 S. Tapuchi, A. Kuperman, S. Makarenko, Y. Horen and M. Malinkovski Obtaining fresh water from atmosphere using electrostatic precipitation: theory, efficiency and limitations PDF(0,5MB)
12 Nov 2009 Van Baars and Van Kempen The Cause and Mechanisms of Historical Dike Failures in the Netherlands PDF(0,2MB)
08 Oct 2009 Petri Juuti and Harri Mäki Durban and Porvoo - Governing Water Supply in South Africa and Finland PDF(0,3MB)
08 May 2009 Jesper Persson and Thomas J.R. Pettersson Monitoring, sizing and removal efficiency in stormwater ponds PDF(0,1MB)
01 Jan 1970 Silvia Čiháková Aguilar Political-economic factors influencing the quality of water resources: review of studies including ex-post analysis PDF(0,1MB)
01 Jan 1970 I. S. Al-Salamahand and I. N. Nassar Water Harvesting Induced by Reduction of Both Evaporation and Deep Percolation of Water under Some Growing Crops PDF(0,2MB)
01 Jan 1970 Riikka P. Rajala & Petri S. Juuti Water Services in Espoo, Finland, from the 1930s to the 2000s - positive challenge or burden of history? PDF(0,3MB)
04 Dec 2008 Ekkehard Christoffels Online Monitoring of Water Quality on the River Erft PDF(1,4MB)
01 Dec 2008 Borowski, I., Kastens, B., Ridder, D. Area co-operations as an instrument of public participation for implementing the EU Water Framework Directive: networking and social learning PDF(2,0MB)
13 Oct 2008 R. Keirle The need for greater protection for drinking water supplies PDF(0,2MB)
22 Jul 2008 J. Cuijpers The polluter-pays! But, for what? PDF(0,1MB)
22 Jul 2008 J. Kämäri Envisioning the future of Water in Europe - the SCENES Project PDF(0,4MB)
31 Jan 2008 A. Abderrahmane New Formulae and Graphs for Load Losses - Calculation in the Uplift Pipes PDF(0,5MB)
30 Jan 2008 V. Geraldes, M.N. de Pinho, C. Manuel Simoes Fonseca, E. Duarte Spiral-wound Module Nanofiltration of Surface River Water PDF(0,4MB)
02 Oct 2007 M.H. Marecos do Monte Water reuse in Europe PDF(0,3MB)
01 Oct 2007 Petri S. Juuti, Tapio S. Katko, Riikka P. Rajala, Osmo T. Seppälä Evolution of water and sewerage services in Hämeenlinna, Finland, 1800-2000 PDF(0,4MB)
01 Jan 1970 M.Tabata, A. Ghaffar, Y. Eto, J. Nishimoto, K. Yamamoto Distribution of Heavy Metals in Interstitial Waters and Sediments at Different Sites in Ariake Bay, Japan PDF(2,5MB)
06 Jun 2007 R. Keirle and C.Hayes A Review of Climate Change and its Potential Impacts on Water Resources in the UK PDF(0,1MB)
02 Apr 2007 T. Wind The Role of Detergents in the Phosphate-Balance of European Surface Waters PDF(1,0MB)
29 Mar 2007 A.H.M. Hassabou and I.K. El-Gafy Assessment Indicators for Water Users’ Associations in Egypt PDF(0,4MB)
08 Jan 2007 H. Wolters, D. Ridder, E. Mostert, H. Otter, M. Patel Social learning in Water Management:Lessons from the HarmoniCOP Project PDF(0,4MB)
29 Nov 2006 D.D. Mara Septic tanks, baffled facultative ponds and aerated rock filters: a high-efficiency low-cost wastewater treatment system for small communities up to ~500 p.e. PDF(0,1MB)
27 Nov 2006 D. Furberg, S. Nilsson, S. Langaas An Indicator-based Analysis of the River Basin Districts established under the EU Water Framework Directive PDF(1,0MB)
09 Nov 2006 R. Boeters Purpose and implementation of the economic analysis as set out in annex 3 of the WFD - Results of the International Scheldt Commission project Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
Presentation 2nd EWA Brussels Conference
09 Nov 2006 St. Scheuer Making economics work for the environment - Survey of the economic elements of the Article 5 report of the EU WFD
Presentation 2nd EWA Brussels Conference
09 Nov 2006 D. Milnes Metric and process benchmarking for Utility optimisation
Presentation 2nd EWA Brussels Conference
09 Nov 2006 Prof. Schulz Optimised waste water disposal in a specific river basin - a river manager introduces itself
Presentation 2nd EWA Brussels Conference
(10 MB)
09 Nov 2006 Dr. V. Vinceviciene Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive implementation in the EU Member States
Presentation 2nd EWA Brussels Conference
09 Nov 2006 W. Abeling The hidden benefits of the WFD - experiences from the ENMaR project
Presentation 2nd EWA Brussels Conference
PDF (18 MB)
09 Nov 2006 H. Blöch Latest developments in European Water Management Legislation
Presentation 2nd EWA Brussels Conference
09 Nov 2006 K.J. Rohrhofer Standardisation project "Water Services" (ISO TC 224) - consequences on operational practice (Wastewater Services)
Presentation 2nd EWA Brussels Conference
09 Nov 2006 M.H.F. Marecos do Monte Report from the 4th World Water Forum in Mexico 2006
Presentation 2nd EWA Brussels Conference
21 Sep 2006 M. Perisic NOM and Arsenic Removal from Natural Water by Enhanced Coagulation PDF(0,1MB)
24 Jul 2006 F. Gökbulak and S. Özhan Water loss through evaporation from water surfaces of lakes and reservoirs in Turkey PDF(0,1MB)
30 Jun 2006 B. Holenda, I. Pásztor, Á. Kárpáti, Á. Rédey Comparison of one-dimensional secondary settling tank models PDF(0,7MB)
26 Apr 2006 M. Martunnen, S. Hellsten, B. Glover et al. Heavily regulated lakes and the European Water Framework Directive - Comparisons from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Scotland and Austria PDF(0,4MB)
10 Apr 2006 G. Cusimano, S. Hauser and M. Vassallo Hydrogeochemistry of a wetland area of southwestern Sicily (Italy) PDF(5,2MB)
07 Apr 2006 M. Scholz Comparison of novel membrane bioreactors and constructed wetlands for treatment of pre-processed animal rendering plant wastewater in Scotland PDF(5,6MB)
16 Mar 2006 P. Rishi and P. Anant Dying Johads in India: Recapturing the potential through participatory behavioural analysis PDF(0,5MB)
13 Jan 2006 B. Zanou Decrease of non-point water pollution: A practical algorithm for the user-friendly presentation of the cost-effectiveness comparison of management measures PDF(0,2MB)
14 Nov 2005 J. Jedlitschka WATER FRAMEWORK DIRECTIVE - Results of the review from the view point of a region - example Bavaria
Presentation 1st EWA Brussels Conference
08 Nov 2005 J. Wanner The Elbe and Oder Rivers - Implementation of the WFD in the International Commission for the Protection of the Elbe (Oder) River
Presentation 1st EWA Brussels Conference
08 Nov 2005 U. Schmedtje WFD Implementation in the Danube River Basin
Presentation 1st EWA Brussels Conference
02 Nov 2005 W. Van Gils Assessment of the results of the Water Framework Directive
Presentation 1st EWA Brussels Conference
29 Oct 2005 R. Falconer European Action Programme on Flood Risk Management - Background and recent discussions
Presentation 1st EWA Brussels Conference
29 Oct 2005 Z. Nakic Status of the discussion concerning the future Groundwater Directive
Presentation 1st EWA Brussels Conference
28 Oct 2005 H. Blöch WFD Common Implementation Strategy - Working groups and progress achieved
Presentation 1st EWA Brussels Conference
28 Oct 2005 H. Blöch Water Framework Directive - State of play and challenges ahead
Presentation 1st EWA Brussels Conference
17 Aug 2005 J.-M. Choubert, Y. Racault, A. Grasmick, C. Beck, A.Heduit Maximum nitrification rate in activated sludge processes at low temperature: key parameters, optimal value PDF(0,5MB)
28 Jun 2005 D. Mattioli, L.D. Florio, A. Giordano, M. Tarantini, S. Scalbi et al. Efficient use of water in the textile finishing industry PDF(0,6MB)
13 May 2005 Néstor Jiménez Torrecilla, Javier Martínez-Gil The new culture of water in Spain: A philosophy towards a sustainable development PDF(0,4MB)
12 May 2005 R.M. Alkhaddar, D.A. Phipps, C. Cheng Today and Tomorrow! Research Prospects for Aerobic Biological Liquid Waste Treatment for Reduction of Carbon Load PDF(0,2MB)
12 May 2005 P. Kelderman, Yang Xuedong, W.M.E. Drossaert Sediment pollution with respect to heavy metals and organic micropollutants in the city canals of Delft (The Netherlands) - Assessment of a data base of 188 sediment stations PDF(3,0MB)
11 May 2005 F. Hannerz, G. Destouni, V. Cvetkovic, B. Frostell, B. Hultman A flowchart for sustainable integrated water management following the EU Water Framework Directive PDF(1,2MB)
08 Apr 2005 T. Larsen, O. Neerup-Jensen, M. Kaasgaard Long-term simulation of the removal of pollutants in retention basins PDF(0,2MB)
31 Mar 2005 M.Bach, B.Röpke, H.-G. Frede Pesticides in rivers - Assessment of source apportionment in the context of WFD PDF(2,7MB)
31 Mar 2005 M. Bach, H.-G. Frede Assessment of Agricultural Nitrogen Balances for Municipalities - Example Baden-Wuerttemberg (Germany) PDF(0,8MB)
13 Sep 2004 L. M. A. Moura et al. Adsorption of yellow lanasol 4g reactive dye in a simulated textile effluent on gallinaceous feathers PDF(0,4MB)
05 Aug 2004 P.Pietilä, R. Špokas Comparison of Water Services Development in Finland and Lithuania  
10 May 2004 M.N. Pons et al. Wastewater Characteristics in Europe – A Survey PDF(0,3MB)
16 Mar 2004 S. Nilsson, S. Langaas, F. Hannerz International River Basin Districts under the EU Water Framework Directive: Identification and Planned Cooperation PDF(5,5MB)
26 Jan 2004 G. H. Jirka, T. Bleninger, R. Burrows, T. Larsen Environmental Quality Standards in the EC-Water Framework Directive: Consequences for Water Pollution Control for Point Sources PDF(1,8MB)
06 Nov 2003 M. Scholz, P. Anderson Case study: Design, operation and water quality management of a combined wet and dry pond system PDF(0,9MB)
01 Sep 2003 A. Nardini, R. Soncini-Sessa Application of River Water Quality Models: The Role of Dispersion in the Model Calibration PDF(0,5MB)
01 Jul 2003 E. Petresin, S. Fridl Slovenian Water Management and EU - Challenge and Opportunity PDF(0,2MB)
01 Jul 2003 K. Müller Parameters for Effective Service - Checking costs and performance in wastewater treatment PDF(0,2MB)
24 Apr 2003 D.T. Van der Molen, N. Geilen, J.J.G.M. Backx, B.J.M. Jansen and H.P. Wolfert Water Ecotope Classification for integrated water management in the Netherlands PDF(0,3MB)
22 Apr 2003 M. A. Shubin A conceptual analysis of the relation between human activities and river quality deterioration in the Volga-Don basin (Russia) PDF(0,1MB)
22 Apr 2003 A. Nardini Quali-Logical: A Water Quality Model for Surface Water Systems to Support Sanitation and Land-use Planning PDF(0,3MB)
18 Nov 2002 A. Abusam, K.J. Keesman Sensitivity analysis of the secondary settling tank double-exponential function model PDF(0,2MB)
24 Oct 2002 A. Abusam, K.J. Keesman, H. Spanjers, G. van Straten, and K. Meinema Effect of oxidation ditch horizontal velocity on the nitrogen removal process PDF(0,2MB)
24 Oct 2002 M. Griffiths The European Water Framework Directive: An Approach to Integrated River Basin Management PDF(0,2MB)
18 Oct 2002 P. Kelderman Pollution sources and abatement measures for dredged sediments in the city of Delft (The Netherlands) PDF(1,1MB)
16 Oct 2002 P. Huisman How the Netherlands Finance Public Water Management PDF(10,2MB)
26 Mar 2002 M. de Wit, H. Behrendt, G. Bendoricchio, W. Bleuten, P. van Gaans The Contribution of Agriculture to Nutrient Pollution in Three European Rivers, with Reference to the European Nitrates Directive PDF(0,5MB)
26 Mar 2002 E.D. Ongley, A. Zhulidov, V. Khlobystov, Y. Konygin Sustainable Surface Water Quality Monitoring in the Russian Federation: A Blueprint for Change in the Lower Don Region PDF(4,9MB)