European Technical & Scientific Committee


As a particular and “historic” EWA standing committee, the “ETSC, European Technical and Scientific Committee” provides a unique European point for the discussion, the exchange and evaluation of knowledge and information, and the comparison  and definition of positions on key technical-scientific issues and aspects affecting water, wastewater and the related environment at the European level.

The "ETSC" activities are based on the voluntary and passionate work and contribution of water and wastewater specialists having a qualified technical and/or scientific profile that are active in the different European countries. Under the “ETSC”, specific task groups are organized on topics or aspects that are relevant and strategic for the water and wastewater management at the European level. The “ETSC” produces technical and scientific papers and strategic position documents.

Further, the “ETSC” could positively cooperate with any national member association within EWA in response to specific national technical-scientific topics or issues to be discussed, evaluated and compared at an appropriate European level.

The “ETSC” is also responsible for the organization and sponsorship of EWA  workshops, seminars, conferences, and symposia having a defined technical-scientific profile (including the well-established "International Water and Wastewater Symposium" during the biennial international trade fair "IFAT", Munich, Germany).


Working Groups

Forum for discussion

Through the different committees and working groups, the EWA provides a forum for discussion and exchange of knowledge and experience between national experts on the European level.

The Working Groups are active under the auspices of EWA's The European Technical & Scientific Committee (ETSC) which provides a focal point for communication and co-operation between European practitioners and researchers.

EWA Working Groups are active in the following areas:

  • Climate Change
  • Groundwater
  • River Morphology
  • Sewage Sludge
  • Sustainable Flood Management
  • European Qualification Framework

Expressly from the technical-scientific point of view, the “ETSC” acts in fruitful cooperation with the  other EWA committee: the “EPC, European Policy Committee".