E-WAter: The Electronic Water Journal

ISSN 1994-8549

E-WAter is the electronic journal of the European Water Association (EWA).

E-WAter is specifically targeted at practitioners and researchers by providing a forum where articles presenting and discussing technical views and experiences of authors in every domain of water management may be published.  

The European Water Association covers the whole water cycle, and every topic within water management might be of interest, whether it concerns natural waters, drinking water or wastewater. 

E-WAter documents

Opinions presented in the papers do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the EWA. All rights reserved.

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General information

Your paper should be written in English. However, occasionally, papers in French, German and Spanish may be accepted, provided that the paper includes an extended abstract in English.

You can read more about the specifications to your paper in the guidelines to the authors, which you can download to the right.

Please notice: Download of all the articles is allowed for private purposes only. References to the articles should indicate the source: The author, E-WAter and the European Water Association (EWA).

The Referee Process

Prior to publication, proposed articles are reviewed by two referees from a network of European experts, who form the Editorial Committee of the EWA.

Authors have the right to mention the name of one referee whom they would like to review their paper, provided he or she is well-known in the field, by using the referee identification form.

You can read more about the whole referee process in the guidelines for authors. The referee identification form and the guidelines for authors can be downloaded at the right. 

Become a Referee

In order to divide the work load of evaluating the incoming articles, EWA is always looking for more referees.

If you would like to be a referee, please fill out the referee identification form and take contact with the EWA Secretariat. Thank you. 

The position as a referee is unpaid.