Research Members

Greece - University of the Aegean

Department of Environment 

University of the Aegean,

Mytilini, Greece

Italy- SEED

Sanitary Environmental Engineering Division (SEED)
Department of Civil Engineering
University of Salerno 
Fisciano (SA), Italy

Italy - DiSPeA

Sanitary-Environmental Engineering, 

Department of Pure and Applied Sciences (DiSPeA) 

University of Urbino "Carlo Bo", Urbino, Italy


Finland - Aalto University

Department of Build Environment

Water and Environmental Engineering

Luxemburg - University of Luxembourg

Department of Science, Technology and Medicine

Faculty of Engineering

City of Luxembourg

Norway - University of Natural Sciences

Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) · 
Faculty of Sciences and Technology (IMT)
Ås, Norway

Belgium - KU Leuven


Koninklijke Universiteit Leuven

Hydraulics and Geotechnics, Leuven (Arenberg)

Germany - IKT



IKT - Institute for Underground Infrastructure, based in Gelsenkirchen, Germany