Code of Ethics


As one would expect, there has been a great deal of debate about the commitment, which is going to be required from the associations and their individual members. The association members will now deliberate over the next year. Some may want to shorten it; others may want to express it in broader terms embracing the wider environment in order to reflect the role that water has in an integrated environment and the practical fact that many associations have members in sectors other than water. In the very end what has been agreed is what the EWA has always expected from its members. It is just that these expectations have now been articulated and recorded more clearly. It is very much an aspiration and a clear signal to the wider community about the behaviours which modern professional (water) environmentalists must adhere to.

CIWEM has acted as the pathfinder and adopted the Code at its Council meeting already in April. Also, Germany is very active and has engaged professional assistance for the final formulation and presentation to its members.