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Transforming Research Results into Innovation Uptake


You can download the white paper of the workshop here

The presentations are also available here

5th ASEM Seminar on Urban Water Management


You can find the Outcome Document of the 5th ASEM Seminar on Urban Water Management here. 

7th JSWA/EWA/WEF Specialty Conference (2022)

The conference report is available here

You can find the presentations of the conference here

15th EWA Online Brussels Conference: EU Green Deal and Blue Challenges


  • 27 October 2020: Webinar 1:The European Green Deal and Blue Challenges

The Event sponsor for this webinar is: Steinzeug-Keramo


  • 10 November 2020: Webinar 2: Research and Developments for the Water Environment
  • 24 November 2020: Webinar 3: Water Framework Directive beyond 2027


  • 8 December 2020: Webinar 4: Future Challenges of the Water Framework Directive



21 October 2020: WorldSkills A2: Skill #55 "Water Technology

The European Water Association (EWA) sees the importance of supporting new recruitment in the Water Sector! WorldSkills is a global hub which raises the profile and recognition of skilled people. Skills competitions are known to motivate young water professionals to train their capacity to work goal-oriented and improve their ability to perform under pressure. For enterprises, competitions are a good way to spot talents and recruit future employees. Since 2019, the WorldSkills introduced Water Technology as one of their official skills. Before that, young water professionals have been competing nationally for a long time. 

In the second event, the EWA is focusing on the skill #55 Water Technology - Learning from the WorldSkills Competition which was held in Kazan, Russia in 2019.



17-18 June 2019: Proceedings Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions (SUDS)

The EWA Green Capital Event in Oslo on Sustaianble Urban Drainage Solutions was held in Oslo on 17-18 June. In order to get access to the proceedings, please follow the link below. The website is in Norwegian. The links to the authors are found on the right hand side. The link to the program is on the left hand side. 


15-17 May 2018: Proceedings 6th Joint EWA/WEF/JSWA Conference at IFAT

You will find the latest presentation from the proceedings. Due to the new, strict EU Data Protection Regulations, we are only allowed to publish the presentations which are explicitly consented by the authors. Hence, not all the presentations are available yet. 


Proceedings 13th EWA Brussels Conference "Recent Developments in the EU Water Policy"

On 6-7 November 2017, around water professionals from around 16 different Euopean countries met at the Representation of the North Rhine-Westphalia in Brussels, Belgium to attend the annual Brussels Conference.

Held in cooperation with the DG Environment of the European Commission, the main objective of the Confernce is to establish a dialogue between the Commission and European water professionals and stakeholders.

The topic of this year's conference is the Recent Development in the EU Water Policy. The Water Framework Directive is considered to be one of the largest and most ambitious environmental legislations until date. One of the major emphasis of the WFD is to prepare and draft the first River Basin Managment Plans; hence the knowledge of the status of water has improved considerably. However, the Commission's assessment shows that this is not enough to ensure the achievement of its objectives in upcoming planning cycles.


Proceedings EWA Conference "Bathing in the City"

On 7 September 2017, around 50 water professionals met at the Ruhrverband in Essen to exchange experiences on the topic of safe swimming in urban rivers and lakes. In addition to the requirements that bathing water bodies must meet today, “Best practice” examples from Copenhagen, Switzerland and Essen were presented and in depth discussed. In his opening speech, professor José de Saldanha Matos, President of the European Water Association, emphasized that “the high interest shown in the Conference in Essen is a sign that the growing popularity of swimming in rivers and the wishes of the population have reached the water experts”. 


European Qualification Framework

You can find the presentations from the meeting on 29 March 2017 here:


Proceedings EWA EU Water Policy Seminar 2016

Participants of the EWA EU Water Policy Seminar, that took place on November 9, 2016, are able to download the documents and presentations of the seminar here.