Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics

The following text is the Code of Ethics in the "water version". As mentioned above the text can easily be broadened to cover "environment" in a general way.

"Individual Members of the Professional Association will be expected to use their influence to the fullest extent and to behave to the best of their ability to maintain a sustainable water environment in the following way:

  • Promote that the use of water resources is fair, equitable and sustainable and takes account of the needs of a diverse environment
  • Never knowingly or deliberately over-exploit water resources
  • Never knowingly or deliberately cause the water environment to be damaged or nuisance to be created by the discharge of unacceptable quantities of any substance or energy in any form
  • Recognise that in contributing to the provision of water services they provide an important contribution to human well-being
  • Promote that the uses of the water environment do it no harm or to the life within it and wherever possible enhance it
  • Embrace the needs of the community
  • Promote the concepts of integration of the management of the wider environment
  • Use their wisdom in serving the community and constantly strive to learn more
  • Serve as an example to others for responsible environmental behaviour
  • Never engage in corrupt practice and maintain a high standard of professional behaviour, which will serve as an example to others."

The task group reported to the annual Council meeting of the European Water Association held this year (2001) in Vannes, France. The Council adopted the Code of Ethics as a set of principles and agreed that the 29 national member associations should report to the Council meeting next year in Germany on if and how they would implement the principles at national level.