Water Manifesto

Water Challenges in Europe

Almost two thirds of the European citizens consider water quality and/or quantity in their country to be a serious problem. The impacts of climate change have presented enormous challenges for the water sector. Water management also impinges significantly on agriculture, land planning and energy. The ageing of the water infrastructure in many European countries creates additional challenges. The most apparent problems in this respect concern bursting and leaking of the pipelines. In many European countries there is an increasing lack of qualified staff to operate and maintain the water infrastructure.

EWA Water Manifesto 2023

With this Water Manifesto, the European Water Association addresses water management challenges in Europe, proposes sustainable solutions, and urges all stakeholders to support implementation. EWA advocates continuous dialogue between decision makers and authorities.

EWA Water Manifesto 2020

With its new Water Manifesto, the European Water Association (EWA) draws attention to current challenges for water management in Europe and makes proposals for sustainable solutions to these.

The EWA Water Manifesto 2020 concentrates on the following four themes:

  1. Nature-based Solutions to Respond to Climate Change
  2. Financing Investment in Water Services 
  3. Asset Management and Digitalisation of Water Infrastructure
  4. Boosting Water Demand Management


EWA Water Manifesto Issue 5

By means of the Water Manifesto, the European Water Association draws attention to current important water issues in Europe EWA calls for the sustainable and responsible use of water.

EWA Statement Regarding the European Elections 2014

 With regard to the upcoming European elections in 2014, the EWA is calling for urgent action on significant topics for the water management that must be part of the Brussels water agenda in the years to come.