10th EWA Brussels Conference 2014

"Water in the Cities"


Water in the Cities - European legislation

Joachim D'Eugenio, DG Environment, European Commission (747.5 kB)

EIP on Water - first results

Robert Schröder, DG Environment (598.6 kB)

Asset Management - a new trend and challenge for water and wastewater infrastructure

Prof. Dr. Bert Bosseler, Institute for Underground Infrastructure, Germany (4.4 MB)

Innovative Integrated Urban Water Management – Conclusions from the WWF7 regional workshop

Miriam Feilberg, Danish Water Forum (461.3 kB)

Benefits of reservoirs for flood protection in the cities

Dr. Guido Mazza, President of the ICOLD European Club, Italy (2.3 MB)

Water in the city concept – presentation of the triple helix project

Prof. Dr. Marina Bergen Jensen University of Copenhagen (1.2 MB)

Future initiative “Water in the cities of tomorrow”

Emanuel Grün, Emschergenossenschaft/ Lippeverband, Germany (4.5 MB)

Water governance for future cities: an OECD Survey

Aziza Akmouch, PhD, Head - Water Governance Programme, OECD (1.0 MB)

Flood Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation in Europe

Ronnie Falconer, Member of the European Technical and Scientific Committee (3.4 MB)