EWA-ETSC Workshop on Heavy Rainfalls in the Cities and Flood Risk Managment

The EWA-ETSC Workshop on “Heavy Rainfalls in the Cities and Flood Risk Management” brought together experience from different part of Europe on the topics of flood protection in cities, the lessons learned and the way forward for adaptation to and protection from flash floods as a climate change impact.


Pluvial Risk Management – UK Case Studies on Mapping, Methods and Measures

Iain Blackwell (11.5 MB)

Evaluation and communication of pluvial flood risks in urban areas

Prof. Theo Schmitt (1.7 MB)

Urban pluvial flood risks and climate change

Prof. Patrick Willems (4.5 MB)

Flood events and risk orientating the planning of WWTPs: The leading experience of the city of Prague

Prof. Jiri Wanner (4.6 MB)