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EWA has several publications such as: proceedings and reports from the numerous conferences and workshops that it organises all over Europe and covering a very broad range of water related topics: E-WAter, newsletters, Water Manifesto, member publications and our yearbook.

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Finnish Water Services

The issue Finnish Water Services: Experiences in Global Perspective written by Tapio S. Katko and published by the Finnish Water Utilities Association (FIWA) is available. 

The book argues in favor of institutional divesity: allowing different types of arrangements depending on local conditions. It is also argued that countries in the north and south , east and west have many lessons to be shraed and learned from. Insp ite of this, water services development have have to take local conditions always into account.

The following development in Finnish water servcies are exceptionally interesting in the wider international context, but their applicability to other conditions are worthwhile to be explored:

Water and wastewater utilities have been integrated in urban areas except in some supra-municipal systems:

  • A special wastewater fee act was passed to speed up water pollution control;
  • Demand-based and consumer-managed cooperatives in rural areas have also increasingly started to treat wastwaters:
  • Different kinds of administrative and governance systems of water services from on-site to cooperatives, urban utilities, and several forms of supra-municipal entities have been established
  • Adherence to the principle of continous and dynamic development instead


For more information on how to order a copy, please click here.

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E-WAter / electronic journal

E-WAter is targeted at European practitioners and researchers by providing a forum where articles presenting and discussing technical views and experiences of European authors in every domain of water management may be published.

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Newsletter articles by Dr. Helmut Blöch

Informations about the different activities and initiatives of the EWA, of the new events organised, our members and inside news directly from the EU capital Brussels, from the European Commission and the European institutions.

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Proceedings & Reports

Reports and conference proceedings from past events. Download the documents.

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Member Publications

Publications of our national member associations: Newsletter, journals and magazines.

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