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General Structure & Management Committee

  • National professional member organisations propose members for the Council
  • The Council elects a President and chooses a Vice President, the Honorary Treasurer and the Management Committee
  • The Management Committee appoints the Secretary General, recommends and appoints Committees
  • Chairpersons of the Standing Committees are proposed by the Management Committee and appointed by the Council
  • The Chairpersons propose the members of the Standing Committees, who are appointed by the Management Committee
  • The Standing Committees organise a series of working groups, the so-called Working Groups, for the relevant areas within the water management sector

EWA General Structure

EWA organisation chart, 2013, January

Members of the EWA Management Committee (MC) for the period May 2017 - May 2019

José Saldanhas Matos


Bjørn Kaare Jensen

Vice President

Otto Schaaf

Honorary Treasurer

Petrit Tare

MC member

Raymond Erpelding

MC member

Maria Salvetti

MC member

Wendy Francken

Belgium, Chairwoman "European Policy Committee" (EPC)

Fabio Tatàno

Italy, Chairman „European Technical and Scientific Committee“ (ETSC)

Károly Kovács

Past President