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Issue 1 / October 2017

In the context of the ongoing revision process for the Drinking Water Directive, 28 February 2017 saw the publication of the Inception Impact Assessment by the Commission. 

News from Brussels

In this issue you can read about: 

  • Germany: Nitrate pollution from agricultural sources continues to be considerable; large-scale exceedances of limit values in groundwater article
  • Endocrine disruptors: EFSA and ECHA outline guidance plans for identifying substances with endocrine-disrupting properties in pesticides and biocides article
  • Leachate from landfills: Volume and environmental impact from landfills reduced through EU environmental legislation - but legacy effects remain article
  • Drinking Water Directive revision: Inception Impact Assessment – comments by 28 March 2017 article
  • EuropeanSeas:  More coordinated legislation needed to ensure the Good Environmental Status article
  • Good (law-)housekeeping: Repeal of outdated and irrelevant legislation: Reporting Directive 91/692/EEC article
  • Upholding the law - update on infringement procedures: Waste legislation, Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive article
  • ‘Water’ in the European Parliament article