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E-WAter - The electronic journal

ISSN 1994-8549

E-WAter is the new electronic journal of the European Water Association (EWA). E-WAter is specifically targeted at European practitioners and researchers by providing a forum where articles presenting and discussing technical views and experiences of European authors in every domain of water management may be published.

Every topic within water management can be interesting for the wide scope of the EWA audience: design and construction procedures, O&M, monitoring, legislation, etc. concerning natural waters, drinking water, wastewater and related wastes.

E-WAter documents

Opinions presented in the papers do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the EWA. All rights reserved.

E-WAter documents 2002-2013


Prior to publication, proposed articles are reviewed by two referees from a network of European experts who form the Editorial Committee of the EWA. Due to the easy access to an e-journal, articles do not need to be published at regular intervals. However, publishing frequency aims at a monthly publication of one paper.

General information

English is the generally adopted language, our journal is prepared to accept a few articles in other languages, provided that an extended abstract in English is supplied and the subject is recognised as outstanding European interest.

Storage of the articles in retrieval systems is allowed for private purposes only. The translation into other languages, reprinting, reproduction by online services, on other web-sites and on CD-ROM etc. is only allowed after written permission of the European Water Association.