EWA Conference" Bathing in the City"

On 7 September 2017, around 50 water professionals met at the Ruhrverband in Essen, Green Capital of 2017" Europeto exchange experiences on the topic of safe swimming in urban rivers and lakes. In addition to the requirements that bathing water bodies must meet today, “Best practice” examples from Copenhagen, Switzerland, and Essen were presented and in depth discussed. In his opening speech, professor José de Saldanha Matos, President of the European Water Association, emphasized that “the high interest shown in the Conference in Essen is a sign that the growing popularity of swimming in rivers and the wishes of the population have reached the water experts”. 


Green Capital of European and Water in the City

Simone Raskob, City of Essen (DE) (5.3 MB)

Safe swimming in Copenhagen – 15 years’ of early warning experience

Anders Chr. Erichsen, Hanne Kaas, DHI (DK) (3.7 MB)

New trends in urban recreation: interactive water fountains. Hygienic Aspects

Georg-Joachim Tuschewitzki, The Ruhr District Institute of Hygiene (DE) (3.0 MB)

Urban Swimming – Experiences and Challenges in Switzerland

Dr. Philipp Staufer, VSA (CH) (2.1 MB)

Nijmegen, European Green Capital 2018

Ton Verhoeven, City of Nijmegen (NL) (7.6 MB)

Photo Gallery Bathing in the City Conference 2017

Photo Gallery Bathing in the City Conference 2017