Knowledge Exchange

From the very beginning the Association has laid emphasis on the exchange of information and knowledge between professional experts. Through this exchange of knowledge, the EWA contributes to a sustainable water management: safe water supply and the protection of water and the environment. This is achieved by the organisation of numerous conferences and workshops all over Europe and covering a very broad range of water related topics. The European Water Association organizes conferences and symposia at regular intervals, on events such as the International Trade Fair (IFAT) in Munich, as well as its own annual EWA Brussels conference. An increase in the number of members from Central and Eastern Europe (accession countries), has raised the interest for events dealing with water protection issues.

All this work is achieved through the different Committees and Working Groups that were established and which are adapting their scope according to the needs. They are based on voluntary work of experts coming from the different National Member Associations and working together on various subjects of current interest in the water and environmental field.