EWA-ETSC Workshop on bio-energy and by-product recovery management

The EWA-ETSC Workshop on “bio-energy and by-product recovery management in integrated water and biosolid management” aimed to give a focused technical and scientific view on the topic of sustainable water management in the cities and river basins with a special emphasis on bio-energy recovery and wastewater as a resource.



Ljubljana as the 2016 Green Capital of Europe

Simona Berden, City of Ljubljana, Slovenia (4.6 MB)

Sustainable water management in cities and river basins: integration of water, elements, energy, food, ecosystems and human health

Peter Goethals, University of Ghent, Belgium (6.0 MB)

Long Term Full Scale Experience in Biogas Production from Brewery Yeast in an EGSB Reactor

Gregor D. Zupančič, University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia (2.5 MB)

Improvement of Sludge Energy Recovery in Integrated Deinked Pulp and Paper Production

Aleksandra Račič Kozmus, ZEL-EN, Slovenia (3.1 MB)

Cost efficiency analysis of sludge treatment options using the Dynamic Cost Comparison (DCC) method

Károly Kovács, EWA President (1.6 MB)

Energy Recovery from Brewery Waste by Utilising Anaerobic Digestion of Brewery Spent Grain in a Two Stage Reactor System

Mario Panjičko (and Gregor D. Zupančič), Sustainable Technologies Development Centre, Croatia (2.7 MB)

Bio-energy and sludge management at river basin: The experience of the Ruhrverband (Germany

Dierk von Felde, Ruhrverband, Germany (825.2 kB)