Transforming Research Results into Innovation Uptake

Date 12.09.2022
Location Copenhagen, Denmark

Transforming research results into innovation uptakes in the water community in Europe and beyond

From 11.09 to 15.09.2022, the IWA organized in Copenhagen the World Water Congress & Exhibition. 

The European Water Association has contributed with a Workshop on “Transforming research results into innovation uptakes in the water community in Europe and beyond”.


To achieve the challenging goals of the water sector, our research community is carrying out intensive and comprehensive R&D. However, our task is not complete until these innovations are implemented in practice. Notably, the water sector is quite slow on innovation uptakes compared with most other sectors. The objective of this workshop is to (a) identify the bottlenecks in the innovation uptake process, (b) share experience on tools, incentives and processes, practices and (c) develop guidelines of good practices accelerating the innovation uptake. The proposed session will elaborate on the challenges and opportunities, with convincing examples of success stories, and agree on The Way Forward. We will also discuss the importance and role of the involvement of national and international associations such as EWA and IWA for accelerating the innovation uptake.


You can find the program below or download it here


15:45 - 15:52 Opening and Introduction

From research, development and innovation to implementation
Harsha Ratnaweera, European Water Association (Member of the Management Committee of the EWA)/ Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU).
15:52 - 16:20 Lessons learned during uptake of innovations by water utilities: bottlenecks, paths to overcome challenges, motivating utilities for faster uptake  
  • The needs and challenges in implementing innovations at utilities Wendy Francken, Vice President of the EWA/VLARIO, Belgium
  • Implementing innovations in large utility organisations Sudhir Murthy, NEWHub, USA
  • The path to becoming a global innovation provider Harald Kleiven, Cambi, Norway
  • Research collaborations leading to faster uptake Thomas Wintgens, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
16:20 - 16:50 Brainstorming on bottlenecks and good practices All speakers and participants will participate in this brainstorming using the digital tool Group-map
16:50 - 17:05 Prioritizing inputs and the Way forward Zakhar Maletskyi, NMBU, Norway
17:05 - 17:15 Conclusions and closure Wendy Francken, Vice President of the EWA/VLARIO, Belgium

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