NEW DATE: The 7th JSWA/EWA/WEF Specialty Joint Conference: ”Resilience of Water Service"

Date 15.11.2022 - 17.11.2022
Location Sendai, Japan

The 7th JSWA/EWA /WEF Specialty Joint Conference: "Resilience of Water Service" will be conducted in Sendai, Japan, 15th-18th  2022 in remembrance of the 11th Anniversary of Great East Japan Earthquake.

The conference will be organized by:

JSWA (Japan Sewage Works Association), EWA (European Water Association) and WEF (Water Environment Federation)

Flyer with call for abstracts and abstract submission form:

Submission of abstracts open 7 Septermber 2021 - 8 March 2022.

Conference Description

Water service needs to be resilient to manage acute and chronic disruptions. The resilient water service is sustainable when faced with disruptions. The disruptors include floods, earthquakes, refugee influx, droughts, sea level rise, climate change, shrinking customer base, energy crisis, reducing workforce, aging infrastructure etc. Some are natural and others are anthropological. In this 7th edition of the JSWA/EWA/WEF specialty joint conference series, we tag the sessions and individual presentations to SDGs and highlight water related refugee issues. Water service resilience is linked with Goal 6, 9, and 11 in general. We set three focused areas. First is water services to political/economic refugees and disaster evacuees, which relate to Goal 13 & 16. Providing adequate sanitation service to refugees and evacuees is an obligation for human rights. Political instability and extreme weather events have led to many refugees and evacuees in the world. Second is development and application of smart water technology, which is a recent hot topic of innovation. Third is case study of real life events, both positive and negative. We accept abstracts outside of these three categories too. This joint conference will explore ways to make water services more resilient. The intention is to share experience from across the world covering: real life examples of lessons learned from major events, innovative technologies and practices, and technical-scientific researches, which strengthen resilience of water service.

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