Tallinn - The Green Capital of Europe – from Water Perspective

Date 22.03.2023
Location Online Webinar


On March 22, 2023, in celebration of World Water Day, a online event took place in collaboration between the European Green Capital 2023, Tallinn, and the European Water Association.

This webinar served as a platform to showcase Tallinn from a Water Perspective, highlighting ongoing activities and projects dedicated to addressing water challenges within the city. It aimed to foster an exchange of ideas and expertise among water professionals in Estonia, with a particular emphasis on Tallinn. Moreover, scholars responsible for training the next generation of water experts and representatives from the private sector currently operating in Tallinn also participated in the event.

This webinar presented an opportunity for Tallinn to showcase its various activities and innovative ideas, which played a pivotal role in the city's designation as the Green Capital of Europe for the year 2023.

The program featured presentations that shed light on Tallinn's water-related initiatives, followed by an open discussion inviting public participation. The event concluded with a significant take-home message from the Green Capital Tallinn, summarizing the key insights and emphasizing the city's commitment to sustainable water management.

If you have missed it, you can watch the recording on the webinar on our Youtube Channel

You can learn more about the Green Capital of Europe 2023 on their website.


11:00- 11:03 Introduction: Short Film about Tallinn  
11:03- 11:10 Welcome adresses by Johannes Lohaus, Secretary General of EWA

and Krista Kampus Executive Director of the Tallinn - European Green Capital 2023
11:10-11:25 "Tallinn - The Green Capital of Europe" Krista Kampus
Executive Director of the Tallinn - European Green Capital 2023
11:25-11:40 "Water Challenges in Tallinn" Mai Andresson
Project Manager, Smart City Project Competence Centre, Tallinna Strategic Management Office
11:40-11:45 "Mapping the flash floods in urban areas" Jana Põldnurk
Estonian Environment Agency Head of Hydrology department
11:45-11:50 "Studying “Water” in Tallinn" Ivar Annus
Professor of urban water systems, Tallinn University of Technology
11:50-11:55 "Working in the Water Sector in Tallinn" Priit Kappak
Tallinn Waterworks (Tallinna Vesi AS), Environmental and Quality Manager
11:55-12:25 Q&A and Discussion:
“Take home messages from the Green Capital Tallinn”
Arthur Guischet
EWA Water Policy Officer
12:25-12:30 Conclusion Arthur Guischet
EWA Water Policy Officer

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