EWA/VLARIO Spring Conference

Date 11.05.2023
Location Antwerp, Belgium

EWA/VLARIO Spring Conference: Urban Water Management: Challenges, Innovation and EU Requirement versus local needs and possibilities

"Urban wastewater is one of the main sources of water pollution if it is not collected and treated properly".
The European Commission published on 25.10.2022 the Proposal for a revised Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive. This proposal is setting up new objectives in term of energy efficiency, water quality and monitoring but not only.

The EWA/VLARIO Spring conference 2023 will focus on Urban Water Management. What are the challenges, innovation and EU requirement versus the local needs and possibilities. The first session of the conference will focus on the potential implementation of the UWWTD proposal: what are the challenges and instruments? We will hear the point of view of different European Institutions, among others, about what does this mean for the European Water Management authorities, the regional and sub-regional territorial authorities but also for the water utilities and other water users. During the second session we will focus on how innovation can be stimulated by this proposal with comments and reactions from professionals and researchers.

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