News From Brussels Live

Date 30.06.2020
Location Online event

Content of the online event:

Political Consultant of the European Water Association (EWA), Dr. Helmut Blöch, will present, deepen and discuss the political issues from the latest EWA Newsletter (issued June 2020).


The topics cover:

- Even after Brexit: Commission takes UK to Court over alleged breach of EU law on citizens' rights

- German Advisory Council on the Environment publishes its 2020 expert opinion, including a dedicated chapter on the Water Framework Directive

- Environmental pollution from shipping: EU Ship Recycling Regulation

- European Parliament: Parliamentary questions related to 'water'

- Life after COVID-19: Five sustainability  tests for Europe's recovery

- Performance of EU countries in complying with EU law on the environment: 2019 statistical summary

- Upholding the law: infringements of water-related legislation


Full length articles on the topics can be accessed by signing up for the EWA Newsletter (free of charge) here


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