Introduction course to EU Water Policy and Legislation

Date 27.09.2022 - 28.09.2022
Location Online

Online Introduction Course


Online session 1: 27.09.2022 at 15:00-17:00 CET

Online session 2: 28.09.2022 at 15:00-17:00 CET


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Registration fee: € 119,00 (both sessions and certificate included)

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Participants will be made familiar with development and principles of EU water policy, the decision-taking and implementation/scrutiny process, governance at EU level (openness, transparency, citizens' right on access to documents; rights of complaint and petition, as well as the key legislative elements of EU water policy and their implementation.


Further information

Please notice that the number of participants admitted to the course is restricted.

In order to heighten the gain of the course, all participants will be expected to contribute actively with questions and comments during both sessions.

Following the online course participants will also get the possibility of downloading a comprehensive documentation of the issues presented (policy documents, legislation, implementation reports and court judgments).

A certificate will be sent out to all participants attending both online sessions.


Target audience  

Persons working for:

  • Governmental and advisory bodies, experts, planners and other practitioners at local, regional and national level involved in water management and water protection;
  • Industries involved in planning, permitting, monitoring and analysis;
  • Research and training institutions, consultants involved in the water sector;
  • Water utilities and management associations in the waste water and drinking water sector;
  • Non-governmental organisations and stakeholder bodies involved in the water sector;



The online course will be conducted by Dr. Helmut Blöch, Political Consultant of the EWA and former Head of the Water Sector at the EU Commission, Brussels, BE.


Online Session 1

➤ Development and scope of EU water policy; EU institutions; decision-taking process within the EU; implementation and scrutiny of EU water policy: EU legislators (European Parliament and Council), European Commission, Court of Auditors; Court of Justice of the EU; types of EU legislation and geographical scope of its application;

➤ EU Water Framework Directive and its Daughter Directives on Groundwater and on Environmental Quality Standards: scope, objectives and principles, implementation, including jurisprudence of the Court of Justice with focus on the non-deterioration principle and the cost-recovery principle for water-related services; 2019 evaluation of the Directive;

➤ EU Regulation on Water Reuse;

➤ EU Bathing Water Directive: scope, objectives and principles, implementation including latest results on bathing water quality across Europe.
Online Session 2

➤ EU Drinking Water Directive: scope, objectives and principles, implementation, with focus on the new Drinking Water Directive, including jurisprudence of the Court of Justice; sources of drinking water and quality of drinking water across the EU; price and affordability of drinking
water; water as a human right;

➤ EU waste water legislation: Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive, Industrial Emissions Directive: scope, objectives and principles with focus on treatment objectives, industrial waste water and stormwater overflows; implementation including jurisprudence of the Court of
Justice; fitness check of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive;

➤ Nitrates pollution from agriculture: the EU Nitrates Directive: scope, objectives and principles, implementation including jurisprudence of the Court of Justice;

➤ Governance, openness and transparency, citizens‘ rights: right of access to documents; right of complaint to the European Ombudsman about EU institutions; right of petition to the European Parliament; right of complaint about alleged breach of EU legislation by national institutions; European Citizens‘ Initiative.

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