EWA Seminar: A Guide to the EU Water Policy

Date 16.06.2014
Location Brussels, Belgium

A Guide to EU Water Policy

Water and the EU’s role in protecting our water resources are increasingly in the focus of citizens and policy makers. To recall, a 2012 Eurobarometer opinion poll revealed that 68% of citizens across the EU consider water quality problems a serious issue, with peak values in several countries of around 90%. At the same time, our waters do not respect political or administrative boundaries, neither on pollution nor on floods. Planning and decisions in water management are thus increasingly shaped by EU legislation and initiatives, as well as conventions under international law. Addressing future challenges and approaches, the European Parliament on 3 July 2012 adopted a comprehensive resolution. An understanding of legal basis, context and decision-taking mechanisms are thus of increasing importance for policy makers and planners at all levels.

We would like to follow up on the success from last October and invite you to attend the EU Policy Seminar!

Dr. Helmut Blöch, the former head of the Water unit at DG Environment, will be leading this seminar and will introduce the participants to all aspects of EU Water Policy. Please see attached flyer for further details!

Price: €320 for EWA Member/ €390 for non-members

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