The German Water Sector - Focus on River Basin Management

Date 11.07.2022 - 13.07.2022
Location Hennef, Germany

Our German National Member , the German Water Association (Deutsche Vereinigung für Wasserwirtschaft, Abwasser und Abfall (DWA)) is organizing in July a training on "The German Water Sector".


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Focus on River Basin Management

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July 11 - 13, 2022


Participants will understand the basic setup of the German water sector focused on river basin management – it´s structure, facts and figures, stakeholders, the administrative setup, story and current subjects from the industry. The following topics will be addressed:


  • Basic principles of river basin management, including visions for living rivers
  • Spatial planning for water protection measures and flood risk management according to European directives
  • Water governance, integration of policies, participation processes and transboundary aspects
  • Legal frame and the role of technical standards and rules, recognizing the importance of monitoring and auditing (TSM) of water and soil quality, dam security, hydropower and dikes
  • Sponge city and urban rainwater management
  • Management of cross sectoral linkages, e.g. industry, energy, agriculture, urban development, navigation, fisheries and more
  • Case studies:  Water Framework Directive and Geo Information Systems (GIS)


An excursion to a river basin is part of the seminar.

The participants will gain practical understanding in group work, show cases and discussions.


You can find more information and the full program here.  

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