EU Green Week Partner Event 20th EWA International Symposium 2022

Date 01.06.2022 - 02.06.2022
Location IFAT Munich, Germany


The 20th International EWA Symposium 2020 has the title:

“Integration of the water sector in the circular economy”


The Symposium is an official EU GREEN WEEK PARTNER EVENT


Wednesday 1 June 2022 (9:30-11:30) 

Session 1 “Value of water”

The current and future transition towards the implementation of the principles of the circular economy offers opportunities and challenges to reconsider, not only in Europe, the management of the whole water environment. In the expected, sustainable reorganization of the water sector, at first the value of water should be taken into account. The opening session of the Symposium will combine some aspects and perspectives related to the value of water with harmonized contributions from Germany (including the initial keynote by the EWA Dunbar Medal 2022 Awardee), USA and Netherlands.


Wednesday 1 June 2022 (11:45-13:45)

Session 2: “Challenges in the Water Sector

The second session of the Symposium will be devoted to the latest challenges in water sector, which must be successfully addressed and solved in integrating the water sector into circular economy. The reclaimed water can serve during its use for various purposes as a medium distributing new types of pollution present in current municipal wastewater. The session will bring two lectures dealing with control strategies and technical measures for micropollutants and antimicrobial resistance. However, municipal wastewater is not today considered just as a source of pollution but at the same time it is a source of water and energy. Floods are not dangerous only because of destructive power of water but because they cause also huge pollution of receiving waters. 


Thursday 2 June 2022 (9:30-11:30)

Session 3 “Sludge management and Use”

With the treatment of wastewater increasing globally, cleaner water is being discharged into our freshwater and marine ecosystems. However, while solving one challenge, the issue of large quantities of sewage sludge being produced arises, especially in countries with high wastewater treatment coverage. How this sludge will be managed and used is the quintessence of circular economy and our knowledge on possibilities to recover valuable resources from sludge is constantly growing. This session will present examples and know-how on different phases of sludge management from around the world.


Thursday 2 June 2022 (11:45-13:45)

Session 4: “Blue and Green Infrastructures in Urbanized Areas”

Cities are becoming increasingly vulnerable to flooding because of rapid urbanization, installation of complex infrastructure, and changes in the precipitation patterns caused by anthropogenic climate change. Blue and green infrastructures are considered among the most sustainable solutions to increase the resilience of urban water systems. New developments as well as good practices are being presented in this session. They range from nature based storm water solutions, integrating urban water management with spatial city planning and design to disruptive innovative technologies including integrated and multi stakeholder approaches.



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The Symposium takes place during IFAT Munich, Hall West, B2, in Room B12.

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