Report on Benchmarking in the German wastewater sector taking stock actual

Expanded reprint of a two part paper on objectives, results and success factors of more than 15 years of benchmarking in the Geman wastewater sector


Benchmarking works. The actual objective – going beyond the performance assessment and information of the public – is the performance improvement. Benchmarking is an individual process in the course of which confidential information also is exchanged between the partners. This is one of the reasons for the effectiveness of the method and it explains why the project results are reported on reluctantly. The study presented below documents the successes of the 15 years of benchmarking practice by means of concrete examples.

The optimised performance characteristics and actually achieved savings are itemised with the help of selected key performance indicators. In addition, factors of success of the benchmarking according to the set of rules and standards are confirmed and the further development of the methodical tool is illustrated. The application of the method can in the meantime, through the achieved successes, far more than make up for the outlay on participation for the wastewater utilities.

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