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The European Water Association is celebrating its 30th Years Anniversary


The European Water Association is pleased to announce that the 22nd June 2011 marked 30 years of establishment of the Association. Created under the name European Water Pollution Control Association (EWPCA) in 1981, today the association represents 26 national professional member associations in Europe, as well as 20 corporate organisations.

The cooperation between European organisations is dated even before 1981 when in 1969 a small number of national organisations established the first “Europäisches Abwasser Symposium” (EAS) (European Wastewater Symposium) in association with Messe München GmbH at the international Trade Fair IFAT. IFAT ENTSORGA is now the world’s biggest international trade fair for water and environment.

The importance of the successfully organised triennial (now biannual) Symposium was increasing and in 1972 even more European Countries joined the international cooperation.

Following those events in June 1981 the European Water Pollution Control Association was founded by the first Management Committee: Hein Ehrhardt (NL), Pierre Fouquet (FR), Geoffrey Truesdale (UK), Ernst Kunze (DE), Heinz Plümer (DE), Beril Hawerman (SE). The special relation between the Association and Messe München and IFAT is vivid even today. Later during that year the first business meeting of the EWPCA took place in Stockholm at a very exciting political time.

The founding fathers in the first Management Committee: (from left to right) Ehrhardt (NL), Fouquet (FR), Truesdale (UK), Kunze (DE), Plümer (DE), Hawerman (SE)
The founding fathers in the first Management Committee: (from left to right) Ehrhardt (NL), Fouquet (FR), Truesdale (UK), Kunze (DE), Plümer (DE), Hawerman (SE)

From its establishment, the Association contributed very positively to the development of the European policy process on variety of topics such as sewage sludge, urban wastewater treatment, bathing water quality, and recently flood risk management, climate change, research and many more. Nowadays, the EWA is one of the few pan-European NGOs officially involved in the implementation process of the Water Framework Directive.

Due to its growing scope and membership, in 1999 the European Wa-ter Pollution Control Association became the European Water Associ-ation (EWA) as it is known today – representing major professional water associations in Europe and promoting the sustainable and improved management of the total water cycle and the environment as a whole.

Among the activities of the Association are the organisation of the Annual Brussels Conference that is taking place for the 7th year in Brussels and the organisation of the International Water and Wastewater Symposium during the international trade fair of IFAT. The Association awards, on the occasion of every IFAT, the William Dunbar Medal for services to sewage treatment technology – one of the foremost awards for water professionals in the world.

Together with its members the EWA will celebrate the 30 years Anni-versary on the eve of the 7th Brussels Conference on “Effective Urban Waste Water Treatment” on 24th of October 2011 in Brussels. On the next day the one-day conference will address different aspects of the current situation, after 20 years of the Directive 91/271/EEC concerning urban waste water treatment.

It is essential for the future of the EWA to continue this exciting work in cooperation with many European and International organisations, based on the activities of the Committees, working groups and panels.


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