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EU Key Water Organisations meet with the cabinet of European Commisioner for Agriculuture and Rural Development Phil HOGAN


Press release 01/2015 of March 2015

Hennef/Brussels, March 2015 –  On Wednesday 18th March, a delegation of the key European water-related organisations met with the cabinet of Commissioner Phil HOGAN, the new European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, to discuss the importance of sustainable water management in the context of his portfolio.

Water is a key resource to ensure the long term sustainability and economic viability of EU Agriculture and our food security. As the main user of water, agriculture has a major role to play in the smart management of the quantity and quality of this crucial resource. While water abstraction for irrigation purposes varies between 24% and 80% of total water use in Europe, agriculture remains the main source of diffuse pollution.

The ‘Key priorities for water under the Juncker Commission’, released in September last year, provided the basis of the discussion between the Water Alliance delegates and the cabinet of Commissioner Hogan.

The discussion focused on the European Court of Auditors report Integration of the EU water policy objectives with the CAP: a partial success, in particular that water policy goals are still not successfully integrated in the Common Agricultural Policy (namely water-related cross-compliance and rural development) as well as the recent fourth implementation report on the  assessment of the Water Framework Directive Programmes of Measures and the Flood Directive (2015), and the importance of RTD and innovative solutions to support the implementation of water-related policies.

Over the next few weeks the water sector will meet with other Commissioners to highlight the importance of water in their respective portfolios.

Download the key priorities for water under the Juncker Commission here.

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