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Members of staff

Mona Lorvik

EWA Secretariat
+49 2242 872 168

Maj Britt Rosenmeyer Olsen

+49 2242 872 189

Johannes Lohaus

Secretary General
+49 2242 872 189

EWA Secretariat

Mona Lorvik supports the work of the Secretariat. You can contact her for:

  • Invoices and membership fees
  • Application for new membership
  • Communication with members
  • Registriation of participants to seminars and conferences
  • Administrative issues for EWA members
  • E-WAter Journal and submissions of new papers
  • EWA Yearbook

The Office Coordinator reports to the Secretary General and is responsible for the management of the EWA Secretariat, support of all EWA activities, such as organisation of meetings, seminars and conferences. You can contact Ms Dimitrova for:

  • Content and subscription for the EWA newsletter
  • Organisation and promotion of seminars and conferences
  • Press releases
  • Contact with international associations
  • Financial questions and projects
  • Yearbook
  • Projects

Secretary General

The Secretary General is responsible for the decisions of the day-to-day affairs of the Association. He reports to the Council and the President. Among the key objectives of his work are: the financial stability of the Association, the representation of the Association and public relations, and he initiates contacts with international partners.