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Cold Climate Conference 2020

Date 12.01.2020 - 14.01.2020
Location Harbin, China

Cold Climate Conference 12-14 January 2020: 

Download the Invitation to register and draft program

The conference is divided into four topics: 

Managing access to water to ensure adequate quantity and quality of this vital resource presents unique challenges for the communities in colder climates. The session will focus on the observations, trends and mitigation options that are of particular importance in colder climates. Contributions that discuss types and typical concentration of water pollutants, pollutant transport and fate and how these are impacted by climate change, as well as water management in smart cities are particularly welcome.

 The session will focus on challenges and related solutions for cost-efficient water supply for drinking and industrial purposes in cold climates. The scope includes, but is not limited to innovative solutions for managing water treatment challenges (e.g. removal of NOM, emerging micropollutants) and unique challenges related to water distribution systems in colder climates.

The session will focus on challenges and related solutions for cost-efficient treatment of municipal wastewater in cold climates. The scope includes innovative solutions for managing challenges ranging from sanitation to safe disposal and reuse of wastewater. Contributions on low-footprint and energy-efficient technologies are especially welcome.

The session will focus on challenges associated with industrial activities in cold climates; Impacts and risks related to oil explorations and transport, aquaculture impacts and risks on water environment; treatment and management of industrial wastewater and solid waste.
The conference website is available here.
Are you interested in taking part in this exciting cold climate challenge as a sponsor. Call for sponsorship can be found here.

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