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Issue 38 / February 2015

According to the Europobarometer 2014, Almost all Europeans say that protecting the environment is important to them personally.

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Issue 37 / November 2014

The European Commission has, in line with the Blueprint process, further studied the opinions of waste water resuse, and to that aim launched a public consultation.

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Issue 36 / August 2014

An EU Report shows that drinking water quality in the EU is in general very good.

Issue 35 / April 2014

To recall, the Nitrates Directive is one of the key elements of water protection legislation in the EU, addressing pollution of surface waters and groundwater from nitrates of agricultural sources. Its objective is to achieve/maintain
nitrate levels of less than 50 mg/l in surface waters and groundwater (i.e. also the limit value in the Drinking Water Directive) and provide for no eutrophication of surface waters.

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